Monday, August 3, 2009

Stay fit, but dont rely on fitness

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You might of heard me say in one of my other blogs that fitness isn't the key to success. I still stand by that because skill is still(it rhymes!) the key to success. This doesn't mean you cant work out a little but remember, your not becoming a body builder, your becoming a better basketball player. Do some average exercises like push ups, pull ups, crunches, weights,sit ups, and work mainly on your legs and upper body strength. Basketball is a sport that requires you to take some pounding so make sure you have a little cushion if you have to take a fall.
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  1. I do quite a lot of general exercises, i work on my vertical a lot which pays off when playing, more explosiveness to the hoop and greater speed is what i gain.

    Also dunking the basketball of course, i'm six foot 1 and a half. Almost 15 and when fully warmed up i can pull of the occasional dunk. General exercise is good and jump training is good but the key too me is just playing more and more ball. Then you jump higher, run faster and last longer.

    Keep writing dude :)

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  2. colin your 100% right, its good to stay fit but practice is the most important thing

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