Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Always anticipate a miss

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Often you will find players that take a jump shot and walk back wards to get back on defense before the shot even hit the rim. With that being said, TIP:always expect a missed shot. Whether your on the defensive side or offensive side you should never anticipate the ball to go in, rather you should always be ready if it happened to be a miss. Most easy offensive rebounds come off this tip, try it!!!
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You can only trust yourself!

I learned in the past that the only player in the game you can depend on is yourself. You can't expect a player to see you wide open when he has 4 other teammates and defenders to look for. Create opportunities for your self by getting a rebound and creating a fast-break or stealing the ball to start a fast-break. In some situations this is the only way to get noticed.
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Follow through on your shot

Don't make the mistake to fade away on your shot. Lean in and the shot will have a better chance to go in.

Secret on how to improve your free throw shooting(shhh...dont tell anyone)

5 simple steps:
1)Get balanced
2)Look at the rim when you shoot
3)Bend your knees
4)Keep your arms and body center to the hoop
5)Always follow through

These were the steps that I was taught when I was younger and it has helped me ever since.