Sunday, August 16, 2009

Give an opening

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If you are defending 1-on-1 let him have a spot to go. He will pass the ball if he has nowhere to go and you don't want that. Try to give him an opening so you can close in on him at the end forcing him in to a bad shot
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  1. Well, i have another opinoun on this one.

    If you are defending under the hoop from a lay-up you want to grab that spot! If the attacker gets the "spot" with his back imbetween you and the ball he can just go up strong and will put the ball in the bucket + if you go for a block you will foul him from behind.

    As a defender, take the spot. The top priority is the player with the ball because he is the immediate threat. If you're trying to anticipate his pass to much then he will just score the bucket.

    If he does pass, you are still almost directly underneath the basket and should turn round and take the spot in front of the next attacker.